Life Changing Lesson from the MKE: Goal Post Moving

Starting over, at the very beginning of the Master Key by Charles Haanel, I recently read, “…we must “be” before we can “do,” and we can “do,” only to the extent which we “are,” and what we “are” depends upon what we “think” (MKE 1-4).

This lesson hit home when Mark J. used the term “goal post moving” to describe always putting your goals higher and higher and never reaching them. I did that for many years. Each time I hit a goal I immediately (within seconds) set the higher goal which I had prepared already before reaching the first goal.

Related to this was the God-inspired lesson from the MKE to give myself permission to be happy.  These lessons all come together beautifully. I must be happy now, if I am to have happiness in the future. I will not suddenly become happy when I reach a certain goal. I thank the Lord and am so grateful for this lesson.

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