Week 21: Continuing to Focus. Continuing to Visualize!

21-13: …therefore, if we wish a change in conditions all that is necessary is to change our thought; this will in turn change our mental attitude, which will in turn change our personality, which will in turn change the persons, things and conditions, or, the experiences with which we meet in life.

21-14: It is, however, no easy matter to change the mental attitude. …create new pictures; this is the art of visualization.

Week 20: Favorite Excerpts This Week

20-4: Thinking is the true business of life; power is the result.

20-9: But perception will come only in the Silence… You are a visualizing entity. Imagination is your workshop.

20-14: To become inspired means to get out of the beaten path.

20-20: We can live more abundantly every time we breathe.

20-28: Every time you think you start a train of causation which will create a condition in strict accordance with the quality of the thought which originated it.

20-31: “In him we live and move and have our being” is literally and scientifically exact!


Week 19: Death of My Old Self

I understand the grief and loss that Mark J spoke about a few weeks ago regarding the death of our old selves.  Letting go includes sadness and for me pain as well.  Yet the feeling of my new self is alluring, like the golden Buddha story, and I want more… so much more! I anticipate the growth and development awaiting me in my future.


Week 18: Haanel’s Method Is Way Better!

Before taking this course, I tried to force success. I tried to be someone I was not meant to be. I tried to follow what seminars, motivational books, and direct marketing programs told me to do. None of these strategies lead to success.  Sadly, each of these attempts only furthered my habit of loss.  Thank the Lord for this new understanding MKE and Haanel are teaching me! Earlier Haanel wrote the three steps of idealization, visualization, and materialization.  This week he strengthens this process by adding:

18-11: Universal Intelligence permeates all things ready to be called into action… it is responsive to every demand.

Week 17: The Way Things Happen

I have read books by and about successful people and learned of this concept of things falling into place naturally, according to their plans and purposes.  However, Haanel lays it out in a more educational, step by step manner, for which I am grateful.

17-8: Subconscious desire arouses the latent faculties of the mind, and difficult problems seem to solve themselves.

17-21: Concentration simply implies that consciousness can be focalized to the point where it becomes identified with the object of its attention. As food absorbed is the essence of the body, so the mind absorbs the object of its attention, gives it life and being.

17-22: If you concentrate on some matter of importance, the intuitive power will be set in operation and help will come in the nature of information which will lead to success.

17-26: … you will attract to you from the invisible domain the things you silently demand.

17-27: A definite purpose sets causes in motion which go out in the invisible world and find the material necessary to serve your purpose.

So much power! And yet I had no idea the power of my subconscious before taking this course.

Week 16: God put the power into our hands (i.e. minds!)

16-16: “Thinking is the one great cause in life.”

16-17: “To control thought is to control circumstances, conditions, environment, and destiny.”

16-34: “Thought and feeling is the irresistible combination.”

What a whole new world of knowledge Haanel and the MKE has opened for me and the others in this course! Not only did God give us the power to control our “circumstances, conditions, environment, and destiny,” but the MKE is teaching us how to use, refine, and focus this power. I am grateful, and my world is changing.